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    The Best Quality M42 Bimetal Cutting Band Saw Blade

    For M42 bimetal band saw blade: we use HSS(high speed steel) M42 for the teeth,alloyed steel X32 which we import from UK for the backing material. We have total 3 brands for your choose as per the materials you cutting. M42-ARBETS is the best brand for M42.can cutting hardness under HRC46 medium carbon alloy steel,stainless steel,die steel and nonferrous metals. M42-EDITH, can cutting hardness with HRC44 carbon steel,alloy steel,etc. M42-KIJARO is the highest cost-effective brand,cheap price.can cutting carbon steel,alloy steel etc. our band saw blade high quality same like made in Germany,as we use GERMAN technology,machines from Germany,Italy,USA. price cheaper,we can produce 500,000meters per month,have lots of stock,quick delivery.

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